Step 1 - Remove Acrylic Paper

Gently peel the paper from the top and bottom acrylic pieces.



Top Peeled

Step 2 - Gather Hardware

The following hardware is needed to secure the case:

  • 4 long screws
  • 4 short screws
  • 4 long plastic spacers
  • 4 short plastic spacers
  • 4 threaded hex spacers


Step 3 - Middle Spacers

Place the middle spacers between two circuit boards

Middle Spacer

Step 4 - Bottom Spacers

Place the smaller of the two plastic spacers over the holes on the bottom circuit board and then cover with the bottom acrylic piece.

Bottom Aligned

Step 5 - Secure Bottom

Use the smaller screws to secure the bottom with a philips screwdriver.

Bottom Secured

Step 6 - Top Spacers

Place the larger plastic spacers over the holds on the top circuit board.

Top Spacer

Step 7 - Secure Top

Place the top acrylic piece on the spacers and secure with the longer screws.

Top Secured

Your Dodo is now complete!